• Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 36 dB
  • SafeMax™ technology
  • Bluetooth 5.0 with a range of up to 10 meters


ISOtunes XTRA 2.0 are in-ear Bluetooth headphones designed to effectively reduce annoying or hazardous ambient noise, suitable for work, hobbies, and leisure activities. This innovative solution ensures the protection of your hearing from loud and distracting sounds while allowing you to enjoy music, podcasts, audiobooks, and phone calls. Whether you’re at work, leisure, or on the go, ISOtunes XTRA 2.0 offers the perfect blend of protection, audio quality, focus, and communication.

Custom-Made Earplugs for ISOtunes XTRA 2.0

The custom-made earplugs for ISOtunes XTRA 2.0 are precisely tailored to the shape of your ear using an impression. As a result, they are practically imperceptible and fit perfectly in your ear. The use of 100% biocompatible material ensures a comfortable wearing experience with no pressure, no sweating, and no feeling of being closed off.


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SafeMax™  Technology

ISOtunes XTRA 2.0 ensures your safety and connectivity at all times. The product complies with the European safety standard EN 352, including ISOtunes SafeMax™ technology with a volume limit of 79 dB. The effective noise isolation when not in use ensures clear speech even in noisy environments during phone calls. The headphones are equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 with a range of up to 10 meters, a Bluetooth battery level indicator, and Dual Connect functionality for connecting to two Bluetooth devices simultaneously. The package includes standard earplugs in various styles, a micro USB charging cable, and a practical drawstring storage bag for on-the-go use.




Custom Earplugs

For ISOtunes XTRA 2.0 headphones, you have the option to purchase custom-made earplugs, providing an ideal solution for enhanced comfort and wearability. HASPRO ISO TUNES XTRA offers a perfectly tailored hearing protection solution that also allows for communication and music listening. The set with custom earplugs ensures a secure and comfortable fit, delivering an optimal wearing experience.

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Active Technology

No matter if you’re working in a noisy factory or waiting for a bus in the rain, the ISOtunes XTRA is equipped with Bluetooth technology to adapt to any situation. Its IP67 certification makes it exceptionally robust, dustproof, sweat-resistant, and waterproof. The user-friendly headset now offers up to 11 hours of battery life, a newly designed microphone, and enhanced durability. With its secure neckband and magnetic earphones, it remains in place even when you need to remove the earplugs. The XTRA 2.0 model is particularly suitable for travel and workers in noisy environments who often need to take off their hearing protection. The intuitive control buttons are easy to use, even with gloves.

Key Features:

  • Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 36 dB
  • SafeMax™ technology (limits sound volume to 79 dB)
  • IP67 certified for dust, sweat, and water resistance
  • Bluetooth 5.0 with a range of up to 10 meters
  • Convenient neckband with practical magnetic earphones
  • Up to 11 hours of battery life
  • Tested according to the European safety standard EN 352-2:2020 and approved according to the PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425

Note: Avoid using the product in areas where magnetic earplugs might accidentally attach to or come into contact with mechanical equipment, such as machinery.


Compatible with HASPRO PRO Musician Earplugs

If you own custom HASPRO musician earplugs and want to upgrade to ISOtunes XTRA 2.0, it’s a seamless process. Our specially designed adapter for ISOtunes allows for a straightforward connection to your HASPRO PRO musician earplugs. With just one click, the adapter easily integrates into your hearing protection, providing the comfortable and secure fit your hearing protector offers while delivering the exceptional sound of ISOtunes.

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Compatible with HASPRO INDU

Treat yourself to an upgrade for your hearing protection with the new XTRA 2.0 model. It’s compatible with existing HASPRO INDU hearing protectors. The XTRA 2.0 earpiece can be easily attached to HASPRO INDU hearing protectors.

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HASPRO Pro SET + ISOTunes xtra 2.0

ISOTunes Xtra 2.0 can be purchased in a bundle with HASPRO Pro

Note: It is required to buy an adapter for the set.