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The Importance of Quality Sleep

Sleep is a vital component of all our lives. For the sake of our wellbeing – both physical and mental – it is generally advised that we get between 6 and 8 hours of sleep per day. The number one obstacle stopping many of us from achieving that target is the constant barrage of noise that comes with modern life. With headaches, fatigue and irritation just a few of the known side-effects of poor sleep, the importance of being able to block out unwanted noise becomes clear.

Perhaps you have noisy neighbors, partying and blasting music at all hours. Maybe you live on a busy street, the sound of traffic and sirens blaring through the night. It could even be as simple as sharing a bed with someone who snores. Forget the days of tossing and turning, burying your head beneath the pillow, or heading to the sofa in search of some peace and quiet. No matter the source of the noise that is keeping you awake, earplugs can instantly provide the solution.

And why stop there? Regular bouts of rest and regeneration throughout the day can be hugely beneficial. Even a few minutes of calm here and there – be it reading a book, listening to some music, taking a relaxing bath, stepping out for some fresh air, of enjoying a cup of tea – can help to combat stress and maintain good mental health.

With all that in mind, earplugs should be considered a “must have” item in every home! Noise-reducing plugs are an instant means of isolating yourself from the often overwhelming (not to mention, potentially harmful) levels of noise we have to contend with.

The “Sleep and rest” category on our site contains a vast selection of products that have been specifically designed to suppress noise and promote a good night’s sleep. It includes: HASPRO SLEEP UNIVERSAL, HASPRO MINI SLEEP (made to measure), HASPRO MULTI 10, HASPRO TUBE 50, and HASPRO molded earplugs. There really is something for everyone!

Are ear plugs safe?

Before buying hearing protection, we often ask ourselves:

  • Can I sleep with earplugs?
  • Do earplugs really work for studying?

The answer is yes. Our earplugs support health and safety, help you learn and, of course, you can use them during the night. It is a safe and easy-to-use product – they protect hearing, isolate from noise, and their application is uncomplicated. You can use ear plugs even during sleep – they will provide peace and improve its quality, make sleep effective and regenerating. You can also reach for earplugs while studying when you need maximum concentration. Eliminating unnecessary, distracting sounds will make us learn better and learn more effectively.

Made-to-measure earplugs are your friend in many situations

Custom-made earplugs are a personalized product, tailored to each user’s individual needs and measurements. They guarantee the best fit and comfort of use, making them arguably the most effective solution in the fight against unwanted noise. They really can be life-changing!

Silicone earplugs – supporting rest

Silicone earplugs will surely appeal to those of us who value a sense of escapism. More affordable than custom-made plugs, and more ecological than disposable varieties, these are a great mid-tier product that allows for repeated use.

Foam earplugs – ultimate versatility

Foam plugs are many people’s go-to, and most people’s first foray into earplugs. It’s easy to understand why: with noise reduction levels of 38 decibels and low prices, they are one of the most versatile and accessible options on the market. Their small size and simple use make them consistently popular, ideal for those who require infrequent use, as and when the need should arise. At the HASPRO store, foam earplugs are available in four colors, catering to a range of styles: pink, blue, yellow, and mint.

Molded earplugs – adaptable protection

Molded earplugs also boast great levels of noise reduction. These products are made using medical silicone – a highly flexible material that allows them to be reshaped with ease. Thanks to this, it is much easier to achieve a snug, effective fit. Better yet, with each purchase of our moldable earplugs, the customer also receives a handy case to store them in (available in beautiful pastel colors), meaning you can always have them with you, even while on the go.