• Bluetooth 5.2 with a range of up to 10 meters
  • SafeMax™ technology (limited volume 82 dB)
  • Sound insulation value 30 dB SNR



ISOtunes ULTRACOMM Aware is the world’s first Bluetooth-enabled in-ear hearing protection with a detachable boom microphone for clear conversations in noisy environments. With level-sensitive Aware Technology™, workers can communicate face-to-face and hear other ambient sounds without fear of hearing damage.

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Communicate clearly

The Boom Mic offers superior call performance and supports clear communication in noisy environments. The product is designed for professionals who work in noisy environments and need hearing protection without compromising situational awareness. With level-sensing technology and a detachable boom microphone for crystal-clear phone calls, ULTRACOMM Aware keeps you connected to people near and far without having to remove the earbuds.




Meet Ultracomm Aware

Designed for professionals who work in loud environments and need hearing protection that maintains situational awareness. With level-dependent technology and a detachable boom mic for crystal clear phone calls, ULTRACOMM Aware is guaranteed to keep you connected to those near and far without ever having to remove your earbuds.

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Additional information


Aware technology™ is fast-acting. Only 2 milliseconds stand between you and a high level of protection. ULTRACOMM Aware ensures transparency and communication in the event of rapid impact or impulse noises and guarantees safety in the event of persistent noise.

Aware Technology™ uses microphones to pick up outside noises and amplify them through your hearing protection, similar to a hearing aid or amplifier. For noises above 85 dB, such as hammer blows, circular saws, etc., ULTRACOMM Aware switches off this function depending on the level to prevent the harmful noise from being transmitted into your earplugs. As soon as the environment has returned to a safe listening level, the Aware Technology™ switches back on and amplifies the sounds around you.

Key Features:

  • Sound insulation value 30 dB SNR
  • Up to 8 hours of battery life (+ another 24 hours in the charging case)
  • SafeMax™ technology (limits sound volume to 82 dB)
  • IP56 certified for dust, sweat, and water resistance (without Boom Mic: IP67)
  • Bluetooth 5.2 with a range of up to 10 meters
  • Boom Mic for clear communication in noisy environments
  • Tested according to the European safety standard EN 352-2:2020 and approved according to the PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425

Note: Avoid using the product in areas where magnetic earplugs might accidentally attach to or come into contact with mechanical equipment, such as machinery.


Custom-Made Earplugs for ISOTunes Ultracomm Aware

The custom-made earplugs for ISOtunes Ultracomm Aware are precisely tailored to the shape of your ear using an impression. If you are looking for a perfectly fitting ISOtunes hearing protection, our HASPRO plugs are just right for you. Due to the individual fit to your ears, they ensure a secure and comfortable fit and allow for optimal wearing comfort.

The use of 100% biocompatible material ensures a comfortable wearing experience with no pressure, no sweating, and no feeling of being closed off.