HASPRO 1P Foam – 1 Par


  • High SNR attenuation: 38dB
  • pocket small packaging
  • Super soft foam
  • Wide range of use
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HASPRO Foam Earplugs are disposable earplugs made of high-quality polyurethane foam that ensures optimal comfort of use and adaptation to any ear size. They are designed to protect against excessive noise, which often causes great discomfort and in some cases headache. HASPRO foam earplugs provide one of the highest levels of noise attenuation available on the market, which means that they can be used almost everywhere. They will be great as earplugs for work as well as for sleeping or resting.


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HASPRO 1P foam earplugs are made of a special soft foam which makes them very comfortable for the user.  Soft material adapts to the shape of the ear canal and reduce surrounding noise.

Thanks to the small size they can be stored in a woman’s purse or wallet.


HASPRO 1P are general purpose earplugs.  They can be used wherever we are looking for calmness, comfort and focus and there is noise around us, which unfortunately negatively affects our mood or concentration. They are great as sleeping earplugs, they provide comfort during sleep in any position. For travel, study, reading a book, for a concert, wedding or other mass events where loud music or noise from neighborhood causes discomfort. They will also provide optimal hearing protection during small DIY work around the house, such as mowing the grass or sawing.


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HASPRO 1P foam earplugs are made of a special soft foam which makes them very comfortable for the user.  Soft material adapts to the shape of the ear canal and reduce surrounding noise.


HASPRO 1P are general purpose earplugs and they can be used in all circumstances where there is high noise level. The product can be used as basic hearing protection for the in the industrial work (compliance with CE EN35-2), during housework, while riding a motorcycle, reading books, studying, working in the office where focus and isolation from noise, loud conversations, radio or music is required. Earplugs are also the best solution to the problem of falling asleep when next to we have a snoring partner or partying neighbors.

HASPRO 1P allow a good night’s sleep in any position, and their high attenuation is one of the highest available on the market in this category, which means that calm and restorative sleep can be achieved.


  • Work and industry
    • Housework (mowing the grass, drilling)
    • Sleep and rest
    • Office
    • Loud neighbors / music
    • Riding a motorcycle
    • Motor sports
    • Stadium – mass events

HASPRO 1P earplugs are also one of the most popular way of protecting hearing for the industry.  They are designed to be used in a very noisy environment. Therefore, they allow you to stay in places with high sound intensity without the danger that the hearing will be damage. The foam has an elastic form and adapts to the shape of the ear very easily. HASPRO 1P earplugs guarantee great combination of use comfort and hearing protection up to the very high level.  This is confirmed by the CE EN352-2 standard.


• Expandable polyurethane foam (30 seconds is enough)
• Wide range of use
• Noise reduction at dB SNR = 38 dB
• HASPRO earplugs comply with EN352-2: 2002


Always use earplugs when you are in the high noise area. Wash your hands before each use and make sure the earplugs are clean. Always keep the caps in a dry container away from high temperatures (max <55 °)

HASPRO earplugs are a certified product, have the CE mark and certificates of compliance with the European Safety Standard EN 352-2: 2002.


HAPRO 1P contains 1 pair (2 pieces) of earplugs.

TypeDisposable foam earplugs
Compliance with normCE, EN 352:2002
Packaging Size5,5×3,5×15,x [cm]
Product Size6-12mm



FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to properly insert disposable earplugs?

Pull your ear up with opposite hand to straighten your ear canal, which will makes the earplug easier to put in. Grab your earplugs with your other hand and put carefully into the ear canal. Please do not put your earplugs to deep into the ear canal it make casue a pain. Always insert and remove Earplugs with care to prevent damage to the ear.

  • How do I know that the size of earplugs is right for me?

All of our earplugs are universal size, which means that they will also fit well into your ears!

  • Are the disposable earplugs reusable?

We recommend to do not use disposable earplugs again after use. Haspro disposable earplugs are one-use which means that they should be utilitzed after use.

  • How can I clean disposable earplugs?

We recommend to not clean an disposable earplugs after use. They are one-time use. If you need to wear an earplugs we recommend to use new pair.

  • Does the earplug will block out whole noise?

Earplugs will protect you from the most noises wchich are coming through the ear canal. But because the noise is also getting through the cranial bone by vibrations to the eardrum, you might still be able to hear louder noises.

  • Where I can buy Haspro earplugs?

You can purchase directly through our website or contact with one of our local distribiutors.