Recipe for Silence in a New Form – HASPRO TUBE

HASPRO has been operating within the hearing protection industry for many years, developing products for industrial use and for the consumer market. Our customers can choose between custom earplugs based on the measurements of their own ear canal, special-purpose silicone plugs, and our recently launched foam plugs. With individual customers in mind, we have created a new product that perfectly meets the needs of all those looking for silence – be it on a daily basis or simply from time to time.

Until now, foam earplugs were associated primarily with heavy industry and noisy working environments. In addition, they are typically sold in unattractive packaging, and in boring colours. As such, our mission is to offer quality earplugs that are also more pleasing to the eye.

We know how many people use earplugs every day. They are often essential aids when dealing with sleep problems, noisy neighbourhoods, or snoring partners. They are also ideal for people who have difficulty concentrating while working or studying. This is particularly important in the current climate, with many of us now learning and working from home. Our goal was to create a high-quality product that is comfortable to use, while also providing a positive aesthetic experience, whether you intend to use it at home, in the office, or on the go. Today, we proudly present to you: HASPRO TUBE.

HASPRO TUBE50 contains 50 pairs of super-soft foam earplugs that fit very comfortably in the ear, maximising ease of use. HASPRO earplugs also boast very high level of noise reduction – as much as 38 decibels! This is one of the highest noise reduction values ​​currently available on the market. The product gets its name from its outer packaging, a practical paper tube that keeps all your earplugs neatly organised. Not only does HASPRO TUBE look good, once it has been emptied, it can easily be repurposed as a handy storage box for crayons, hair bands, paper clips, or any of the other small household items that we always seem to have in excess. Each set also comes with a small portable box, ensuring you can always have a pair of plugs to hand should the need arise.

HASPRO TUBES are available in four colour variants so everyone can find a shade to suit their style. They can be found online, or in stationary stores, drugstores, and pharmacies.