The Unexpected Link Between Noise and Heart Health

We all know excessive exposure to loud noise can damage our hearing. But did you know it can also negatively impact the health of your heart? It has been shown that the nervousness caused by loud noises can seriously take its toll, leading to the likes of atrial fibrillation and even heart attacks in the most extreme cases. That’s why it’s important to reduce the amount of noise we expose ourselves to. This is especially true at night, when peace and quiet are the best aides in getting a restful night’s sleep; vital in maintaining our overall health.

What are the non-hearing effects of noise?

We’ve come to understand a lot more recently about the impact noise can have on our bodies, beyond the well documented (though no less significant) hearing loss. So-called non-hearing effects are defined as any other change relating to the health or well-being of a person and their ability to communicate as a direct result of exposure to noise.

How can noise harm our health?

Throughout numerous studies, experts have noted that long-term exposure to noise (including during sleep) greatly increases the risk of ischemic heart disease and the occurrence of hypertension. There also appears to be a correlation between high levels of environmental noise and the likelihood of developing type 2 diabetes.

Put simply, long-term exposure to noise causes stress and fatigue. This stress has a negative impact on the performance of our body, affecting a number of vital organs and their ability to carry out necessary functions; not least the steady rhythm of our heart.

Can noise trigger a heart attack?

Scientists have long been studying the possible connection between prolonged noise exposure and heart disease. Those who work in noisy environments, as well as those who live in particularly loud areas (such as inner-city streets and close to airports or railway lines) are thought to be particularly at risk. In fact, some of these people can be as much as 50% more likely to suffer from heart disease.

One of the most important studies on this topic, Noise and Risk of Myocardial Infarction (NaRoMI), examined whether being in a noisy place could lead specifically to a higher frequency of heart attacks. As yet, there is no compelling evidence to suggest that continuous exposure to noise puts you at an increased risk of death from a heart attack itself. But with further research backing up the notion that excessive noise (sounds that reach 95-124 decibels) can lead to ischemic heart disease, this isn’t cause for complacency.

Interestingly, it has also been shown that women are significantly more sensitive to noise in the workplace; another factor worth taking into account when identifying the appropriate steps to protect yourself.

Keeping yourself safe from harmful noise levels

Scientists have long maintained that a disturbed sleep pattern is bad for our health and happiness. Therefore, if you live on a busy street, close to an airport, railway tracks, or suchlike, it’s especially important that you equip yourself with adequate hearing protection. There are lots of options on the Polish market that will help to safeguard your hearing and maximize your chances of a good night’s sleep, allowing you to wake feeling rested, replenished, and ready to tackle the challenges of the day ahead.

The most popular hearing protectors

We offer solutions to fit every budget in our store and through retail outlets that specialize in health and safety, such as pharmacies. Depending on your individual needs and financial situation, you can reach for:

Disposable earplugs – These are handy if you only need protection from time to time, such as a business trip, on a long train journey, or during a busy flight. Available in sets of 1, 10, or 50, they can be found in various pharmacies or in our store.

Molded earplugs – At their core, these are similar to the above solution, but with one important distinction. These earplugs are made of a silicone material that acts like plasticine when warmed up in your hands. Thanks to this, it can easily be shaped to snugly fit the wearer’s ear. Our molded earplugs come in sets of 6 pairs.

Universal earplugs – These are ideal for those who want a reusable, longer lasting product that is more environmentally conscious. If you live in a busy area or work in an environment where noise is a constant threat (like musicians or construction workers), then these are well worth having to hand thanks to their durability.

● Made-to-measure earplugs – This premium product was created with our most discerning customers in mind. Each pair is made specially to order, having first taken a cast of the user’s ear canal. Because of this process, they offer a perfectly tailored, highly comfortable fit.

● Ear protection headphones – These are a good choice for those with a home workshop, a passion for car maintenance, or a keen eye for a DIY project. Depending on the style and brand you choose, a range of additional functions may be offered, including the ability to select the volume of external sound that is able to reach the ear.

Taking care of our own health and wellbeing should always be considered a priority, with proper rest and relaxation vital for the preservation of our minds and bodies. By looking after ourselves in this way, we have the best chance of achieving our goals and chasing our dreams.