Professions Which Put Our Hearing at Risk

For most of us, work demands a huge amount of our time and energy. With this in mind, many people rely on the protection of earplugs while working – whether they are intended to safeguard our hearing (particularly important in certain professions) or simply to block out unwanted distractions.

Everyone’s working day looks different, but many people could benefit from earplugs in their own ways – from doctors and nurses to musicians and entertainers. Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, home offices have become especially popular, and with many of us now forced to carry out our professional commitments while sharing limited space with the other members of our household, the ability to silence nuisance noise and avoid becoming irritable is more important than ever.

Excess noise; can it be banished?

As you know, noise surrounds us at every turn, especially given the pace and bustle of modern life. From street noise (sirens, traffic, crowds, roadworks, etc.) to the noise generated by our neighbors, fighting back against noise pollution can feel difficult, sometimes even impossible. Even within the supposed comfort of our own homes, the soundscape of TV, music and chatter can feel relentless (not to mention the stress of sharing a bed with a partner who snores!).

This helps us to identify key areas of our day-to-day lives where earplugs will be particularly beneficial:

● While sleeping

● While working

● While travelling

But while some situations allow you to isolate yourself from external noise via earplugs, in other cases (including certain working environments) this simply isn’t possible.

Musicians and the problem of noise

Regular exposure to high levels of noise (from 110 dB to 120 dB) is known to have a significant negative impact on our health and hearing. Certain music stars, well-known and appreciated throughout the industry, have spoken openly about the hearing issues incurred by their profession. Brian Johnson from AC / DC and Larry Heard (Mr. Fingers) are just a couple of examples. While damage to their hearing failed to dampen their passion for music, it is undoubtedly a major blow for someone whose life relies so heavily on being able to engage with sound.

All musicians, from those in rock bands to those in classical orchestras, are at risk of hearing loss and eventual deafness if they fail to take necessary steps to protect themselves. With their lifestyle of constant travel and heavy noise, a set of quality earplugs should be considered a vital part of their kit.

Other professions threatened by noise

There are many other professions outside the world of music that regularly put people at risk of hearing impairment; professions which call for equal care and diligence when it comes to protecting ourselves from noise pollution.

There are more obvious examples, like those who work in industrial environments and on construction sites. Constantly surrounded by heavy machinery and specialized tools – like hammers, drills and power saws – noise is a real problem in this sector.

But there are many less apparent jobs where the use of earplugs could be equally wise, such as canteen staff in large schools, factories, or office blocks. Any working environment that will see you regularly exposed to large volumes of people – and thus noise – should be entered with due caution.

Even those working from home stand to benefit from cancelling external noise. The distraction, irritation, headaches, and fatigue it can cause are not only frustrating to deal with, they can reduce productivity and lead to more frequent mistakes.

Earplugs at work – who should be using them?

Earplugs are a simple yet effective solution for people who want to reduce the impact of background noise while at work – whether for reasons concerning health or concentration. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford them, and not all jobs lend themselves to their use (if you work directly with clients or have to communicate as part of a team, for example).

In order to make them as accessible as possible for as many people who need them, we have a range of options targeted at different uses and budgets.

The following types of earplug are all currently available on the market:

Disposable earplugs (Multi10, Tube50, 1P Foam), designed for occasional, casual use.

Universal earplugs for more frequent use.

Molded earplugs, for a more comfortable fit.

Custom-made plugs, for a truly bespoke product.

If you want to make sure you are getting the very best product for the job, you can also choose from a range of earplugs tailored towards use in very specific situations. For example, we offer earplugs for use in the swimming pool (for professional swimmers), during extreme sports (like motor racing and shooting) and during live music events (for musicians, singers, and DJs).

With many of us currently spending much of our time at home, it is vital we are still able to fulfil our professional commitments in spite of domestic distractions. If everyone in the household has their own set or earplugs to reach for as required (and indeed, we have products specifically for children too), then everyone can continue to work and study in peace.