How earplugs can help to improve your stay at home while being isolated during coronavirus pandemic?

Our live has changed. In these days we spend most of our times at home. Before the pandemic home was the place where most of us used to spend only some percentage of our times but now it has changed. Our home is now our office, our gym, our restaurant, our work, our cinema, etc. It is Centre of our lives and it is the only one we have and what is the most important we need to share it with our partners, kids and sometimes also other members of the family who lives with us under the same roof.  How to concentrate how to work, how to rest when there is always something going on? Lives does not stop for a minute.  Before COVID 19 lives was different. We had our offices where we could do some work. We could go the gym to do some eservice or simply stay at home and relax when other members of the family were out. It all change and now we must manage somehow and accommodate everything in one place while everyone is around.  

Taking above into consideration we can conclude that it is almost impossible to get back to our previous live and get a piece of quite for ourselves however there is a way how we can get some silence.   

The answer is high quality hearing protection products. The only way to stay alone with own minds is to equip yourself with earplugs and then almost like by the press of the “magic button” you transfer yourself to land of -20 decibels where you can do some work, read, rest or sleep. Having said that you should still be able to hear the surrounding as it not advices to isolate yourself completely.  

The key thing is to use the right product that provides the optimal solution for each case and situation.  When choosing, earplugs you can go for the basic foam which are the most accessible on the market and they will do the job as they will reduce the noise to very high (or in that case low) level and you will feel the difference straight away. You can of course argue about the comfort of this product, but I know some people who says the basic foam products are comfortable, but the truth is that this very individual subject. 

Then the second option is special purpose earplugs made the from soft silicone that provide very high comfort for the user. Silicone earplugs are soft and lay in the ear channel very comfortable. Product likes this is fitted with acoustic filter that allow air ventilation between your ears and outside. The audiologist does not advice the block the air circulation between your ears and outside. Of course, if you have a choice between exposure yourself to the high noise level and use this foam earplugs without filter and not use any the choice is obvious – use anything to prevent hearing loos.  The acoustic filter has also another advantage in the noise reduction frequencies. Depends on type filter the noise reduction various from 30 to 20 decibels (depends on the products). High frequencies are less tolerable for people and in that case, they are being reduced more effectively where the lower frequencies have slightly lower sound attenuation. In practice that means that the kids can scream, loud music can be played, and theses noises are being reduce stronger where for example human conversation is being reduced lower which is important as stated earlier being isolated completely is not good either.

Silicone multiuse earplugs can be purchased at specialist earplugs shops, on the Amazon or the nearest pharmacy shop. In the HASPRO range for home you can choose from HASPRO OFFICE for office work, HASPRO SLEEP for sleeping and relaxing and much stronger one HASPRO WORK with very high level of attenuation.  

The last solution would be custom earplugs.  Made to measure earplugs provide the best comfort of use and last for many years. The only problem is the effort of making them (you need make ear impressions to produce them) and the price which is times 100 of the cost of the foam earplugs and times 10 soft silicone earplugs.  

We all suffer from the result of COVID 19 Pandemic. We all have to change the way how we live, and it looks like to these changes will stay with us for the very long time. We just have to adapt and find the best way how we can make our new lives as comfortable and as healthy as possible. The right to your own piece of quiet is one of the key ones to get some rest and reduce the stress level while is not an easy when having everyone on board it still possible by choosing the right solution – high quality earplugs.