What does SNR mean?

SNR – Single Number Rating – simplified noise reduction factor. A single number that represents the amount of attenuation that the hearing protector can provide

It is an indicator used in the European Union and neighbouring countries. 

SNR presents the indexes of the protectors taking into account the environment in which the protectors will be used: 

H – for high frequencies, M – for medium frequencies, L – for low frequencies. 

Warning! The notations H, M, L do not refer to the sound level, but to the acoustic spectrum of the sound. For example, a protector marked with SNR 26, H = 32, M = 23, L = 14 – the estimated attenuation bandwidth changes with the acoustic spectrum of noise in the environment in which the protector is used.

The SNR is the result of mathematical calculations and gives us a single attenuation rate of a particular protector for the largest percentage of society.