Home Workshops: Prevent Hearing Damage

Did you know that all it takes to damage your hearing is 84 decibels? In fact, when this kind of exposure is prolonged or repeated, it can lead to permanent harm – and even complete hearing loss. You don’t necessarily have to work in a large industrial setting to come into contact with these kinds of noise levels, either. Even those of us who operate from a home workshop could be at risk.

It’s because of this trauma that excessive and lasting exposure to noise can lead to, that many people within certain professions choose to wear special protective headphones or earplugs. From those who work in factories, to DJs and musicians; anyone who has to regularly surround themselves with potentially harmful noise can benefit from having such equipment to hand.

Safety-Proofing a Home Workshop

Many people enjoy tinkering with their car or working on DIY projects in their down time. A good way to let off steam after a stressful day, such activities can be seen as a form of active rest. Depending on how adept you are, it’s possible your workshop could be kitted out with all sorts of tools, equipment, and machinery – all of which have the potential to make a lot of noise!

The primary culprits here, whether in a home or professional workshop, are power tools. This includes the likes of electric drills, screwdrivers, power saws, grinders, welding machines, soldering irons, and so on.

First to note is the importance of storing all such tools in a safe and orderly manner, especially in a home setting, where children may have access to the workshop. In addition to the above-mentioned power tools, this should be extended to all hand-tools, such as screwdrivers, hammers, saws, wrenches, nails, screws, wires, etc.; all of which should also be properly secured. There are many organizational aids and storage solutions available in hardware stores – the best friend of any DIY enthusiast!

Protecting Your Hearing

As mentioned above, frequent and excessive exposure to loud noise can be dangerous. If you’ve noticed the early signs of hearing loss, don’t write it off as mere aging: take action now to prevent further harm. In many cases, hearing problems are the direct result of inadequate security measures.

Ear muffs are a great solution. Worn on the head, these headphone-like products cover the ears completely. Depending on budget and quality, the price may range from several dozen to several hundred zlotys. Many commercially available ear muffs have a built-in module that determines the level of noise reduction, making them adaptable to various noisy environments.

Earplugs are another excellent option. Considerably cheaper and more discreet, these can be popped in as and when they are needed, protecting the inner ear. Being affordable doesn’t have to limit choice, however, as we no longer rely on just disposable plugs. If you intend to use the product frequently, you could opt for special custom-made earplugs that have been molded specifically to fit your ear. HASPRO INDU hearing protectors are precisely this. By having a cast taken of your ear canal, this premium product is the ideal solution for those who spend hours at a time in the workshop.

When is It Worth Using Hearing Protection?

Our hearing is a delicate and precious sense, and as such, protecting it should be considered a priority by everyone. After all, good hearing is valuable in many aspects of our lives. It allows us to engage and communicate with others freely, and equips us with the best possible chance of identifying and reacting to potential dangers while we’re out and about. On a recreational level, many of us relax by listening to music, or by enjoying movies and TV. Even simple pleasures like the sound of birdsong and our loved ones’ laughter can significantly brighten our day.

You should wear hearing protectors in any situation that exposes you to elevated noise levels. Grinders, drills, lawn mowers, motor saws – all of these devices generate potentially harmful decibels. That’s why no home workshop is truly complete without effective protection such as earplugs.