Give the Gift of Silence this Valentine’s

On February 14, we celebrate Valentine’s Day, but have you ever wondered where the holiday comes from? Do you know who St Valentine is, or what he did to spark such a lasting legacy? The day has come to be associated with giving, as we spread joy by gifting tokens of affection to those we love. As such, many of us now look forward to Valentine’s Day for the opportunity to unplug and spend quality time with the person we love – and it just so happens you can give the gift of silence itself, allowing for ultimate relaxation.

But first, a long, long time ago…

The Patron Saint of Valentine’s Day was a priest living at the turn of the 3rd century. Legends surrounding his history reveal a possible origin for the holiday as we know it today, while others believe its roots reach as far back as pagan times. In Christian tradition, we can look to the macabre tale of Emperor Claudius II and his famous ban on weddings during times of war (so that soldiers could focus their energy and attention on the conflict). Valentine continued to administer the sacrament of marriage despite the ban, and paid the ultimate sacrifice for his disobedience. With his execution taking place on February 14th, many believe the holiday began as a means of honoring his commitment to the celebration of love. From a pagan perspective, February 14th was a holiday in honor of Juno Fructifier, Queen of the Roman gods and goddesses. Part of a festival that paired up young couples in a bid to promote fertility, there are clear correlations with the more contemporary view of the holiday.

A day for lovers

The United States is generally thought to be the country that started celebrating Valentine’s Day in the way we know it – as a celebration of love and gift giving. Its popularity quickly spread throughout the world, and it has seen a particular boom since the 1990s. Now, come January, teddy bears, trinkets, flowers, chocolates, and all sorts of other gifts flood the stores in preparation for the day.

Choosing the perfect gift

There’s no such thing as a universally perfect Valentine’s Day gift. Given our individual tastes, the ideal present will differ from one person to the next. By listening to your significant other, and taking their interests into account, choosing a great gift doesn’t need to be daunting. It’s also important to remember that the best gifts don’t necessarily cost a lot; kind words and thoughtful gestures (like a romantic, home cooked meal) go a long way towards expressing how you feel.

Noise – a 21st century problem

Sometimes, it pays to let your imagination run wild and choose something outside the box as a Valentine’s Day surprise. Can you really give the gift of silence, for example? Absolutely! What better way to help the one you love relax and unwind; especially given the stressful times we are all living through at the moment.

The hectic pace and constant noise of modern life mean that trying to find a sense of calm can feel like a constant battle, negatively impacting our physical and mental health. Rather than struggle against the problem, however, the best solution is often to learn how to live alongside it. Universal earplugs offer precisely that solution, equipping you with the means of blocking out unwanted noise.

Earplugs as an alternative Valentine’s Day gift

A comfortable night’s sleep is hugely important to our wellbeing. If you live on a busy street, or know you have a tendency to snore, gifting your partner with earplugs shows consideration for their needs. To make it a little more personal, you can opt for a colorful design that suits their preferences. As a handy bonus, the ecological packaging can also be recycled into an additional little gift, perfect as a container for small items like paper clips, earrings, and suchlike. For the ultimate personalized earplugs, a custom-made product molded to the individual’s ear is another great option.

Supporting your loved one’s passions

Some passions and hobbies require exposure to potentially harmful decibels, which can cause lasting damage to our hearing over time. If your partner enjoys motorcycle riding, shooting, playing an instrument, or other such activities, gifting them with earplugs is an easy way to look after their health and show support for their interests.

Comfort at work

In many working environments, our ears can once again be exposed to prolonged and persistent noise. Factories and industrial sites are obvious examples, but even certain offices can suffer from heavy noise pollution – a particularly bothersome issue should you need to really focus on the tasks at hand. With earplugs that have been designed to cope in sorts of circumstances, you can make sure your loved one needn’t worry about additional, undue stress in the workplace.

Taking care of those we love can manifest in lots of different ways. Sweet, affectionate Valentine’s Day gifts certainly have their place, but for those who lean towards a more practical, health-focused approach, we have exactly what you are looking for.